BIG Son spends Black Friday at Capone’s with The Brothers Gillespie

Black Friday has become synonymous with selling, spending, shopping, and extravagance – BIG Son and The Brothers Gillespie are hoping they can also bring good music to mind when the term is used.

This Friday night, once all the turkey and gravy is gone, the two bands will take the stage at Capone’s in downtown Johnson City for a late-night show featuring some of the region’s finest Americana and Soul sounds. If you find yourself venturing into town to celebrate, or staying here to spend Thanksgiving with family, you might want to take a chance on entertainment at one of the area’s best music venues.

BIG Son is an eclectic Mountain Soul band featuring the vocals of Jared Bentley, the talented Jerry Henninger on keys, the fiery Cepheus Strachan on guitar, and the rock-solid rhythm section of Kevin Light (bass) and Mike Sams (drums).

The band has taken a few turns over the past few years, developing an identity and sound that best represent the group. But they always came back to the basics: rhythm and soul.

“We all knew what sort of feel we wanted, or were looking for,” says Bentley, “but never seemed to make it happen for one reason or another – it was always there, just waiting. Better to wait than to force it, I guess.”

And then the pieces fell together, and the sound was found. An honest, roots-based, soulful sound that is equal parts Rock, Americana, R&B, and Soul.

“People have referred to the band before as ‘Mountain Soul’, and we’ve carried that moniker with pride – but now we feel like we have earned it.”

You’ll get a lot of things at a BIG Son show, from New Orleans soul to a heartfelt ballad, an old classic or a brand new barn-burner. They play mostly originals, a few covers ranging from Stevie to Tweedy, and all things in between.

“We like playing soulful music for soulful people. It’s a pretty basic recipe.”

The Gillespie brothers have always had an interest in music, playing any and every instrument they could find. In 2015 things came to a head.

After the illustrious singer/songwriter Davis Gillespie returned from a semester at the University of Tennessee with a handful of songs, the other brothers (drummer extraordinaire Clay Gillespie and the Telecaster slingin’ Aaron Gillespie) set to work on actually crafting a set list “just in case” someone appeared and asked them to play, you know, just for fun. To their surprise, the end product wasn’t too shabby.

The boys added the talented Max Pollifrone on bass and decided to take it to the streets.

Flash Forward to current day. The Brothers Gillespie have played and packed out most every venue in their immediate area playing hard hitting originals and a plethora of crowd pleasing covers. The mentality is still the same as when they started: keep it fun; not just for the band, but for all who share in the experience.

The Brothers are able to play with a chemistry and a passion that only be produced by the sacred bond of brotherhood. Simply put, when you come to a Brothers Gillespie show, you can expect to be in the family, part of the brotherhood for a couple of hours.

And above all, you can expect a hell of a good time.

Showtime is 10 p.m. Friday night. Come ready to dance, drink, and cavort wildly amongst friends.